An awards ceremony in the traditional style, it will not enter into the formula 1 season 2020, the betrayed formula-1-sport boss Ross Brawn to ‘’. Because the current regulations in the COVID-19-pandemic, make it the king of class impossible, a regular podium ceremony.

“We are looking to make after the race was something in the Grid,” says Brawn. One Option would be, for example, the cars on the track, to line up and then the driver in front of your car. Have the pilots at the Cup handover. “It’s not that we have anyone in the immediate vicinity, of the hands over the cups.”

“But,” emphasizes Brawn continued, “we have to come up with something. We have plans, and procedures. We look at how we can present it on TV.” A detailed Protocol of the Briton does not reveal, however.

However, other traditional blocks will not be able to be carried out in 2020: The drivers ‘ parade on Sunday morning, this also includes – apart from the fact that there are no spectators anyway, no reason to ride with the driver on a Truck to the route to present to you the non-existent Fans.

“We can put 20 people on a Truck,” says Brawn. “Instead, we will interview every driver in front of the Garage. There are many ways in which we can participate, without compromising health and safety.”

the joint Meeting for the national anthem before the race, and the presence of the “FIA Future Stars” to play virtually a role are deleted.

However, Brawn is “100-percent confident” that the formula 1 can offer, despite all measures, an exciting product. “It will be different. This is the new Norm.” How long the will be, he does not know but also. “But it is the new standard for the Rest of the year.”

This article was written by Norman Fischer, Co-author: Adam Cooper

*is omitted, The contribution of “formula 1 in the traditional podium ceremony,” published by Contact with the executives here.