It is dramatically cross-border to be a victim of a burglar. It is both a shame to lose his belongings and intimidating to know that a stranger has messed around in all the private.

Therefore, it is easy to agree with himself that burglars are some slamberter, and it is not in any way the errand to deliver a defense of their actions here.

But it does not mean that there can’t be anything to take note from a burglar. B. T. has through several months of articles written about the tremendously long wait times at the police and the courts, one experiences, if one is so unlucky to be exposed to so-called citizentargeted crime, as violence and burglary.

We have heard from countless victims who suffer from long waiting times, because they have completed their cases. Close the unpleasant chapters. Get on with their lives.

Now the first offender back in artikelserien.

Immediately it can wonder, then, that we should use the space and time to deal with a person like Daniel Iversen, who even discloses that he has committed between 350 and 400 burglaries in people’s homes.

But in fact, there are important lessons to take note of when reading the charles dickens story.

The criminal career were rooted in substance abuse, which triggered a constant need to gain access to copious amounts of cold cash.

For the first shows of his history, that it is possible to turn a negative spiral and make up with a wrong path in life.

After a prison sentence has Daniel Iversen put his life on the. He is now attached to the Trygfonden, which he as convicted burglar helps to tell about his experience.

“no matter how far you reach out, there is always a way back,” as he expresses it.

When he looks back on that period of his life, he is not proud. Anger makes it easier to forgive.

another important lesson from the former burglar is this:

In the beginning was the Oleybet Daniel Iversen afraid of being caught by the police, when he made his intrusion.

“‘Oh, just the police don’t come and arrest me’,” as he retells the feeling.

But as he got more and more routine to force unwelcome access to private homes and to facilitate them for expensive furniture, something happened:

“as I committed several burglaries, and that is not something came the police, then feared I no longer have to be caught. The more intrusion, I made, the more I could see that it was piss easy,” he says in B. T. s interview.

for that reason Alone the police need to re-take the close provide the key access point crime-deadly serious.

the Burglars must not have so easy game, that they don’t even tremble at hand or the sweating under the arms, when prowling out on the prowl.

If neither the burglars or the law-abiding citizens can count on the police, lose all confidence in the system.

Jonas Kuld Rathje chief Editor

Editor-in-chief of B. T. Graduated from the Journalisthøjskolen in 2001 and the Master in Editorial Management from the UNIVERSITY of southern denmark in 2008. The father of the world’s most beautiful two boys.