Young children love to play games on smartphones and tablets, but it is very important for a parent to make sure that these games are different for the child. If you have children and you don’t know which games are best to install for them on a tablet, then here’s the list below.

But not only children but also adults like to play interesting games. And if you find time for yourself and your own rest, then visit a live casino and get new fun experiences. Well, now get started!

“Funny Food: Educational Games”

1 part (1-2 years), 2 part (2-3 years). A very fun game with fruits and vegetables. The child will have to play 17 mini-games aimed at developing different skills. The child will need to sort objects, guess silhouettes, cook cookies of various geometric shapes and feed animals, find pairs, match parts and a whole object, assemble puzzles, and find hidden objects. The game is very beautifully drawn and has very high-quality voice acting.

“Super ABC” and “ABC in Boxes” From Binibambini

This is a super fun alphabet-learning game. Playing with funny letters, the child will get acquainted with the letters, learn how to write them, learn the sounds that correspond to them, and take the first steps in learning to read.

“Drawing for kids” by BiniBambini

This wonderful game will help awaken the child’s interest in creativity. In a playful way, “Drawing for kids!” will help the kid easily learn how to draw a lot of simple drawings. After completing the picture, the characters come to life!

The Game “Animal Life” by Mage

A very interesting game with colorful drawings and poems will introduce the child to various animals and their habitats.

“Puzzle-constructor for kids” by BiniBambini

The kid collects funny forest animals from colorful details and will see how they come to life. The forest animals can’t wait to be collected – they want to roll, jump, play, and have fun. Each of them has its own funny mini-game: feed a Bear with strawberries, grow flowers for a Moose, help a cunning Fox hide.

The Game “Art Class “ With Dr. Panda

In the game, the child will be able to master 6 different crafts. For example, make your own kites and weather vanes and play with them when you do. He will begin to twist the clay and make a pot, a vase, and a cup. Take the brushes and paint them.


There are a lot of useful and interesting games for a child on a smartphone, or it’s worth it for tactility and the development of fine motor skills, so it’s worth paying attention to real board games or educational toys. The glow of the screen harms the child’s vision. Be careful and take care of your health and the health of the child. So the child’s screen time should be reduced to an hour a day.

Well, we hope that this article was useful to you and that your child will like the games.