Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona are among the ten most profitable European cities to invest in housing, according to a study by, a platform specialized in rental investments.

Valencia leads, together with Warsaw, the ranking of this analysis, with a return of 6%, followed by Marseille and Rome, where buying a home to rent offers returns of more than 5%.

Madrid (4.8%) and Barcelona (4.6%) are placed in fifth and seventh place respectively, well above other European capitals such as Lisbon, London, Paris and Berlin, where the purchase of housing to rent supposes returns averages ranging between 3% and 3.6%. The study covers the main cities of eight European countries: Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The calculations of this platform, present in France and Belgium and beginning its journey in Spain, indicate that buying a home in Madrid is 50% more profitable than in Lisbon and 44% more than in Paris.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​the purchase of a home to rent can offer an income 31% higher than that offered by Berlin and 28% more than in London.

In Valencia, the returns are higher than any of the cities included in this analysis, with the exception of the Polish capital, and are 65% higher than London.