The criticism of the TV satirist Jan Böhmermann on the ticket dealer CTS Eventim has caused its share to fall massively in the past few days. Böhmermann had denounced Eventim’s enormous market power and fee policy on Friday evening in “ZDF Magazin Royale”. In the program entitled “With fantasy fees to the event empire”, Böhmermann complained that Eventim’s ticket sales fees were too high. In the run-up to the “ZDF Magazin Royale” show, criticism of the event marketer and ticket dealer had been raised.

In February, the Federal Association of Consumers (VZBV) sought a model declaratory action against Eventim due to withheld fees for canceled events. The association filed the lawsuit with the Bavarian Supreme Regional Court in December 2022. After a call, more than 3,000 people affected reported to the VZBV within a few weeks. The association takes the view that buyers are entitled to a full refund of canceled events.

After the Böhmermann broadcast, the share of the event marketer and ticket dealer had fallen significantly: on Monday, at the end of trading, it was around 8.8 percent down and at a value of 64.70 euros. On Tuesday it continued to fall – and even slipped below 60 euros.

On Friday, the CTS Eventim share had risen to EUR 71.70 and was on the way to a record high. It reached its high of EUR 72.68 in November 2021. The share then fell and only caught up again when it was close to the EUR 40 mark. After the end of the Corona protective measures, the ticket dealer’s business was better again, so that its share price had increased – until the Böhmermann broadcast.

Sources: Spiegel, Tagesschau

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