No matter what you’re looking for, nine times out of ten you’ll probably find it on Amazon. Millions of different items for everyday needs can be found on the website. However, if you take a closer look, there are also curiosities in the online shop that don’t seem to make any sense at first glance. There are quirky and funny, unusual and downright stupid products that have secured a place in the Amazon cosmos. And why? Because there are people who actually buy these things. But even if you don’t, it’s great fun just reading through the reviews on your own.

You might think these plastic fish are fishing lures or a dog teething toy, but no: they are slippers – or more precisely “fish flops” for men and women. The bare feet are pushed through the open mouths so that the big toe appears at the front like an artificial tongue. Here the word “slippers” has been completely reinterpreted.

We can only speculate why this manufacturer thinks they have to pull three and a half meters of sausage onto a cable drum. Admittedly, the 240 grams Krakow style sounds more than you would like to believe – we still didn’t understand the meaning behind it. If you can’t resist the temptation to satisfy your meat cravings with this sausage drum, go for it!

Yes, you read that right, this coloring book for adults is all about the cat butt. We have to admit at this point that we were briefly tempted to order the product – only to find out what the appeal of this coloring book is. But then we caught up again.

It seems there are people who love the smell of freshly made chicken soup so much that they would even buy a room spray – modeled after their favorite food. So if you enter a musty apartment again and think: man, the smell of chicken soup would significantly improve the indoor climate, then this room spray is the right one for you!

There are certainly dog ​​owners whose hearts break at this sight. Nevertheless, we were surprised at how many Christmas costumes for four-legged friends are available on Amazon. And while this costume isn’t uncommon, we couldn’t help but wonder, should you really put a cape on your pet for Santa to ride on?

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted these safety vests for chickens and ducks. But somehow it also makes sense to use it to protect your poultry in open areas. The question arises as to whether the animals can be seen better not only by drivers but also by dangerous predators thanks to their neon-colored jacket?

It’s no secret that men in particular like to talk about their big business, and preferably with their peers. This also seems to be the reason why different techniques are presented in this book, how one (s) – please excuse the language – can best go poop. Well then: good luck!

With this product, you’re not quite sure whether to laugh or feel sorry – after all, it was developed for lonely singles who just want to be hugged. Or need someone to cuddle at night. And so that men and women get the right arm, this pillow is available in different versions. Tastes are different.

No idea what a predicament you would have to be in where only a mustache to stick on would be the saving grace? In any case, this set suggests that there are people who should always carry such an emergency set with them. After all, the artificial plastic hair looks deceptively real. Or not.

This product makes no sense and has no use. So why do you need a gherkin that can also yodel on top of that? According to the manufacturer, it should bring joy to those who already have everything – except for a singing cucumber. Just imagine the face of the person receiving the gift, who may call this rarity their own.

It’s kind of mean, but also a little funny: If the child has been crawling around on the floor all day anyway, they can also help out with the housework – with this fun baby mob suit in size 80 (8 to 12 months). After all, it is made of 100 percent cotton and can be cleaned in the washing machine for the next run after work is done.

It has been scientifically proven that certain images or sounds have a calming effect on our body. It remains questionable whether the rotating motors of a running washing machine are part of it – but the manufacturer of this DVD is convinced of it and writes: “Relaxation and fun for your living room”. Well, maybe it’s worth a try?

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