April was by far the most expensive fueling month of the current year for gasoline engine drivers. With a nationwide monthly average of 1.851 euros per liter, a liter of Super E10 was 7.4 cents more expensive than in March, as the ADAC announced. In January the fuel was even 11.9 cents cheaper, and since then it has increased every month.

The development for diesel was completely different: Although the fuel also increased compared to March, at 1.731 euros it was only 0.3 cents more expensive than in March and slightly cheaper than in February.

The opposite development can also be seen when looking at the cheapest fueling days in April. For E10 this was April 1st at 1.832 euros, for diesel it was April 30th at 1.696 euros per liter.

On Wednesday, both types of fuel were more expensive: E10 cost 1.859 euros per liter on the nationwide daily average of May 1, and diesel 1.700 euros.