Erding is A pure Opening of the outdoor facilities without showers and changing rooms for the Spa is not an Option. An Opening starting on Monday would be possible, Inhaber Jörg Sore from waving but.

Due to the Coronavirus, the Therme Erding had to close. Now there is the possibility of re-opening, but the owner is acidified. All the information about the Coronavirus in Bavaria they read in our news-Ticker. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in the free state.

Erding – excitement to a press release: The Landratsamt Erding has sent on Thursday to 16.58 at an E-Mail with the subject line “the possibility of re-opening of the Spa” . In analogy to the start-up of the free baths “comes from the 8. June is a partial re-opening of the “Therme Erding” in consideration,“ writes the authority. Half an hour later, the pretty acidified owner Jörg Wund on demand: A pure operation of the outdoor facilities at the closed Changing rooms and showers will not give it.

Corona/Erding: “to close the night, the Spa was brutal, and now this …”

“The Therme Erding can ensure their quality only with the complete offer. Without a Sauna – we have to be due to Corona, even longer“, he said in an interview with our newspaper. Also, the authority evaluates according to the press release “parts of the plant that lie beneath the open dome, as foreign investment”, does not hold Sore for tempting.

To 16.23 watch he had received from the Landratsamt Erding, a notice relating to the “re-opening of the outdoor facilities,” says the owner. Half an hour later, the media were informed. To close “the night of the Spa, was brutal, and now the …”, grumbled the businessman.

Coronavirus/Therme Erding: owner is waiting for government go-ahead for the entire bathroom

360 of the 1000 employees are in short-time working, , the water in the basin 20 to 22 degrees is not, cleaning companies were in the house, the caterers would not be able to even order fries. The company lead need two to three weeks. “The button, I would like to see a Spa for a weekend can be,” said Sore.

He was waiting for a public launch for the entire bathroom. Finally, there is in Baden-Württemberg this is a Signal for healing and thermal baths already for Saturday.

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