Federal Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) defended the controversial heating law. During the final deliberations on the reform of the Building Energy Act, Habeck said, above all with the Union in mind: “I think it’s justified to respond to this law with specific and also concerned questions.

What you shouldn’t allow to happen, however, is to pull the wool over people’s eyes – to say that we set goals, but we do nothing to ensure that these goals are achieved.”

The law creates legal certainty, protects consumers from high energy prices and ensures that municipalities and associations are taken along. It ensures social balance. “It’s a good law.”

Habeck said the previous Union-led federal government had decided that Germany should be climate neutral by 2045. However, no concrete measures were suggested. Now it is becoming concrete, millions of people are affected. He takes concerns very seriously.

Instead of the Building Energy Act, the Union is proposing to use CO2 pricing for fossil energies. According to scientific analyses, if the climate effect is the same as that of the Building Energy Act, the CO2 price in 2030 would have to be 200 to 300 euros per ton. The Union is proposing a tenfold increase in the price without social compensation to replace the Building Energy Act, said Habeck: “That will dismantle social peace in Germany.”