In contrast to some competitors, Seres wants to present itself in a decidedly luxurious manner with strong support from Huawei and is primarily looking at the higher vehicle segments. Therefore, the Seres 3, which has been available on various markets for a long time, is left out. In addition to the two launch models Seres 5 and Seres 7, the Chinese manufacturer wants to position itself in the profitable markets particularly through the luxury model Seres 9.

In China, the Seres 9 is offered under the name Aito (M9), modeled on the other models. The goals are not only ambitious when it comes to the individual models, because Seres wants to develop into one of the ten leading luxury brands worldwide by 2030. Company founder Zhang that meets users’ most basic luxury needs.”

In a first step this year, 50,000 vehicles are to be exported from China to various countries and brought to customers via various sales models. 200,000 vehicles are expected to be sold outside of China in the next three years and 500,000 electrified models are planned by the end of the decade.

Exactly that many vehicles have been exported all over the world since 2015. In the future, the focus will be on luxurious and extremely comfortable crossover models in the higher segments. Seres no longer wants to offer pure combustion engines and so, depending on the model, customers usually have the choice between a purely electric vehicle like the Seres 5 or an electric car with a range extender like the Seres 7. This year, the three model series are Seres 5, 7 and 9 initially six individual models planned.

In order to expand its sales and service network, Seres wants to expand its collaboration with global partners. The future plans include the development of service systems, local sales companies and the construction of our own production facilities abroad. “The concept of service has changed significantly recently, so our service philosophy and approach should also be improved and optimized,” said John Zhang, Rotating President of Seres Group, “We will define our vehicles through software and lead in intelligent services to ensure our customers have the very best experience available in the luxury segment.”

The Chinese car manufacturer Seres is currently represented in around 20 countries and wants to expand this number to a total of 60 nations by the end of 2024. The aim is to gradually supply countries in Europe and America with vehicles. The future models are likely to be based in particular on the brand’s new flagship, the 5.23 meter long Seres 9, which competes directly against the BMW X7 or Mercedes GLS and is a collaboration between Seres and Huawei.

Thanks to a wheelbase of 3.11 meters, the luxury SUV offers every luxury imaginable in the interior with up to six comfortable chairs and a total of ten screens. Among other things, it offers an augmented reality head-up display with 2K resolution and can project images with a size of 75 inches and a distance of 8.5 meters. A particularly torsion-resistant aluminum body and variable air suspension ensure comfort.

The customer has the choice between a purely electric model or a Seres 9 with a range extender. According to the Seres 7, the range extender has three motors for the drive. The range extender is a 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbo that produces 152 hp. Electric motors with 200 kW / 272 and 164 kW / 224 hp work on the front and rear axles, which are powered by a 42 or 52 kWh battery pack. The electric range is 225 or 275 kilometers depending on the battery, which together with the combustion engine enables a maximum range of 1,400 kilometers.

The pure electric version of the Seres 9 has two electric motors that produce 160 kW / 218 hp and 230 kW / 312 hp. The 800-volt electrical system, together with a 100 kWh battery in the underbody, ensures an electrical range of over 600 kilometers. The Seres 9 should be able to recharge for the next 150 kilometers in five minutes.