In fact, it is not uncommon for campsites to be broken into more frequently during the holiday season. The thieves are not just targeting the travel goods – especially electronic devices such as smartphones, digital cameras and laptops. The vehicles themselves are also attractive thieves. You can take preventive security measures to make it as difficult as possible for burglars to get inside a mobile home, camper or caravan, or to steal the mobile sleeper entirely. We present five of them to you today.

Burglars are trained to break into a locked rear door from the outside. Once this has been broken open, thieves have an easy time. In order to deny them access, it can be useful to simply install (without drilling) a special rear door lock for campers made of stainless steel between the door panel and the lock cylinder. It is designed to prevent burglars from getting inside, even if they have already picked the door lock.

If your motorhome, camper or caravan has been stolen, the chances of you ever seeing your vehicle again are slim. Usually, the mobile sleeping places are shipped abroad within a very short time and are then untraceable. So that the companion cannot be stolen in the first place, it can be helpful to purchase a steering wheel claw made of hardened steel (with a combination lock) as an anti-theft device.

Thule offers another way of protecting your travel vehicle from burglars – with an additional door lock (from the inside) for right and left-hand doors and service flaps in motorhomes. It is important for vehicle owners to know that the sliding mechanism will be permanently connected to your mobile home, camper or caravan by means of a stable counter plate, four screws and a seal.

In addition to or as an alternative to the steering wheel lock, you prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle by attaching a special immobilizer – also known as a parking claw – to the tires. The additional anti-theft device is made of robust, thick and durable sheet steel. According to the supplier, the clamp lock is suitable for all tires that are between 175 and 285 millimeters wide.

If the driver’s or front passenger’s door has been broken open, thieves can gain access to the interior of the vehicle. To make access as difficult as possible for them, you can fit additional anti-burglary protection on the inside of the doors for standard Ducato (from 2006 – 2021), Jumper and Boxer (from 2006) seats: this is secured with the door handle and the lock of the seat belt so that the doors block when you try to open them from the outside.

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