ZDF presenter Harald Lesch (63) has little illusions about being able to convert convinced critics of science. “I will no longer reach those who can no longer be reached,” said the journalist (“Terra X Harald Lesch”) in an interview with the media service dwdl.de.

“I’m particularly interested in those who are in this no man’s land in between; who don’t really know what to make of it, who email me with their doubts and ask me to explain a lot of things again. You also have to have the narrative style change accordingly. But I can no longer get close to those who distrust me.”

Lesch continued: “I actually don’t know whether a society can survive in the long term if so many people distrust science. The moderator said that he could only try to set a counterpoint in an original way, “sometimes with a good joke.” . “Our entire lives are so saturated with technology and science that I can’t understand how people can look in the mirror with all their conspiracy stories. They all have computers and use public transport – it doesn’t come from anywhere.”

If the scientific achievements that were poured into technology were not correct, then none of this would work at all, said Lesch. “Instead, many people take refuge in stupid stories about chemtrails, aliens or reptilians. The only thing I can do is point out people’s contradictions and encourage them to perhaps look at things differently.” ZDF recently renamed the well-known science series “Leschs Kosmos” to “Terra X Harald Lesch”.