The incidence of lung cancer has increased by 496% since 1990s. There have been 130% cases of tumors of lips, mouth, and pharynx, and 42% of cancers of larynx.

17 Cancer sites linked to tobacco

Long-term efforts are required to fight smoking, among other battles. To reduce the number of tobacco-related deaths in 15 to 20 years, a reduction in smoking must be achieved. The challenge is not insignificant, as tobacco is the primary cancer risk factor. Professor Steven Le Gouill is the director of the Hospital complex at the Institut Curie. Smoking tobacco increases your risk of developing 17 types of cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Professor Le Gouill regrets that despite reducing breast cancer deaths year after year, there is still a paradox when it comes to seeing a rise of more than 5 % per year in lung cancer cases in women.

Screening to improve prognosis

Regular examinations of patients at high risk for lung cancer can help to detect it earlier. “Several studies have shown the use of low-dose chest CT scans in patients at high risk (smokers over 50) can detect early lung tumors and lower the risk of dying from it,” says Professor Nicolas Girard. He is an oncologist and pulmonologist at Institut Curie and head of the Institut du Thorax Curie–Montsouris.

Early identification will allow for quicker and more effective treatment. This is especially important as new therapeutic strategies (immuntherapies, targeted therapies, and combinations of treatments) are continually being developed.

Notice: According to the most recent data, 20.7% of women aged between 18 and 75 smoke each day.

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