In northern Germany, the turn of the year is windy – New Year’s rockets could therefore be blown away by the wind. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects stormy gusts in the north-west today.

The meteorologists in Offenbach announced that there could be gusts of wind in the mountains and by the sea, on higher mountain peaks there could be severe gusts of wind, sometimes also hurricanes. “At times extreme hurricane gusts on the Brocken.”

weather forecast

Intermittent rain is forecast for the night of New Year’s Day in the northwest. There, the meteorologists expected a continued strong gusty south-west wind and even gusts of wind on the North Sea. “Otherwise largely dry and partly clear to the south.” The temperatures are 12 to 8 degrees, in the south 9 to 2 degrees.

In southern and central Germany, New Year’s Eve is a good time to go for a walk before the New Year’s celebrations. Up to the northern edges of the low mountain range, it will be increasingly free of precipitation and loosen up. Sunny at times in the southwest and in the Alps.

New Year’s Eve will be unusually mild: 15 to 22 degrees are expected in the middle and in the south, 9 to 17 degrees in the north.