Rising temperatures and sometimes strong thunderstorms. This is the weather forecast for this weekend. After a week marked by the pronounced rise in the thermometer, the drop on Thursday and Friday was only temporary.

This weekend, “the maximum are rising again”, announces Météo France. The meteorological organization thus expects a maximum of “17°C to 22°C on the Channel coast, 22°C to 28°C on the rest of the northern half and on the Mediterranean coast, 26°C to 31° C degrees south”.

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On Sunday, several degrees will still be gained. The 30°C mark, considered as that of high heat, will be reached or approached very closely on a fairly wide axis going from Bordeaux (Gironde) to Paris. As this heat will be humid, the feeling will be superior.

These temperatures will be associated with the formation of thunderstorms due to the arrival of a depression from the Atlantic. This Saturday “thunderstorms break out at the end of the afternoon in southern Aquitaine, associated with strong gusts of wind sometimes exceeding 80 km / h”, warns Météo France. “Local hailstorms” are expected. Thunderstorms will then break out further north. “Some gusts may approach 100 km/h in the coastal zone. The storms spread throughout the Atlantic coast in the evening, before shifting at night to the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Normandy. »

On Sunday, “stronger” thunderstorms are expected. Forecasters locally anticipate heavy rain in a short time, strong winds and hail. This map gives an overview of the situation forecast for the afternoon and the end of the day.

/Meteo France

As noted by the Météo-cities site, the storms will have an influence on the ongoing drought in the country. But this will only concern a few regions.


In addition, it would take “a much more lasting and generalized degradation to truly compensate for the lack of precipitation and the drought affecting a large part of France”.

warmer nights

This animation provided by The weather channel shows the possible route of storms throughout the weekend.


In the wake of the new rise in temperatures this weekend, Météo France expects, next week, “a more lasting episode of heat”. 30°C will be regularly reached or approached in the north of the country. In the southern part, the thermometer will show up to 33°C. The feeling, due to the humidity, could flirt with 40°C in Aquitaine. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be the hottest days.

The difference with the week that is ending will be notable regarding night temperatures. The low point will be “often between 14°C and 17°C in the north, and 15°C to 19°C, or even 20°C in the south”. Seasonal averages, across the country, range between 8°C and 14°C.

Uncertainty remains in the forecasts for the rest of the week, explains The Weather Channel. The preferred scenario was first that of a further deterioration that would lower temperatures and bring precipitation. But a last trend would suggest that an anticyclonic blockage would be put in place and that heat and absence of rain would settle over time.