For his patent oral, Samuel worked on the notion of commitment among mathematicians. “Thales, Pythagoras, Laurent Schwartz, Évariste Galois, they marked their era by creating schools or theorems”, explains the schoolboy coming out of his white oral with Maxime, social referent at the Bordeaux-Lac library. Enriched by this first experience, the student will work hard for his next training.

About 150 young beneficiaries

In turn, Zahra, 14, impeccably presented her internship in dental orthodontics and her professional project: “It’s good to have opinions other than those of the stricter teachers. There, I was less stressed, ”smiles the young girl who also signed up for the sophrology workshop to manage her stress. “We guide them above all on the form, the importance of articulating well, of using precise vocabulary, of arguing”, enumerates the librarian, voluntary examiner for a few weeks, after having followed a day of training with a French teacher. . He also had to revise the texts on the French bac program, “Le Malade imaginaire” by Molière, “Gargantua” by Rabelais, “Anna, Soror” by Marguerite Yourcenar…

The initiative appeals: the schedule of white orals is full in this library located in a priority zone, of which half of the subscribers are under 25 years old. “It meets a need where, in other neighborhoods, the family can help with revisions”, notes Nathalie Landrit, the manager, who has already set up homework help for primary school children, made computer stations available and created a space where young people can work in groups. For her, white orals “reassure and allow you to project yourself for the exam”. In total, around 150 young people should benefit from these white orals through seven libraries in the city.