After a generally warm Saturday, people in Germany in many places can look forward to a Sunday with pleasant temperatures. “Tomorrow, Sunday, it will still be quite mild, although the 20 degrees will be reached much less frequently,” said Marcel Schmid, meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD), on Saturday in Offenbach. In many places, the day started out friendly, only in the west and north-west could there be frequent showers, accompanied by short thunderstorms and stormy gusts, it said.

The DWD expects maximum temperatures of 17 to 21 degrees. It will remain cooler in the western mountains and on the coasts. According to the information, it will be turbulent on Sunday evening in the southwest – shower-like rain and individual, sometimes strong thunderstorms with gusts of wind are to be expected there.

After the warm weekend, the temperatures drop significantly at the beginning of the new week. “While 19 degrees can still be reached in Lusatia on Monday, the maximum values ​​on Tuesday across Germany are only between 8 and 14 degrees,” said Schmid. It can get very windy in some areas. On Monday it will be mostly gray and partly rainy. There may be thunderstorms again locally. Between the Main and the Danube as well as in the east there are also dry, cheerful sections. Tuesday will be grey, rainy and cooler.

According to the DWD, it may be a while before spring shows its most beautiful side. “A thorough spring breakthrough with stable, warm and sunny high-pressure weather is not foreseeable for the time being,” explained Schmid.