After many gray and cool days, there should be temporary spring-like temperatures all over Germany at the weekend. In addition, the sun is mainly visible in the east, while it remains more unstable in the west. “The warmth of spring remains a one- to two-day fly. The next cold air relapse is already awaiting us at the beginning of next week,” said meteorologist Adrian Leyser from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Thursday in Offenbach.

Already on Friday much warmer air from southern Europe will be moving towards us. According to the forecasts, it will be clear to sunny and dry in the northeastern half. “With high temperatures of around 20 degrees, you can sometimes leave off the jacket,” says expert Leyser. “In the southwest half, however, you need an umbrella here and there, because the air is humid, cloudy and tends to showers and isolated thunderstorms.”

Showers in the west, sun in the east

Also on Saturday, Germany will remain divided in terms of weather. According to the DWD, the western half has to make do with showery rain, isolated but quite strong thunderstorms and little sunshine. In the eastern half, on the other hand, the sun usually shines. In addition, quite warm temperatures are expected throughout the country. “At the top, up to 24 degrees are possible in the east with sun support – that’s almost early summer,” says the meteorologist. It only stays cooler on the coast and when it rains in the west. In the west, a strongly gusty freshening south to south-west wind is blowing, otherwise there is a weak wind from the south to south-east.

On Sunday, rain will initially fall in the southeast and east, otherwise changeable showers with only brief sunny moments are expected. There may be occasional thunderstorms. The maximum values ​​are 14 to 18 degrees, in the east 20 degrees are reached. In the southeast and east, weak, otherwise moderate and sometimes strong southwest winds will blow in gusts. There can be stormy gusts at high altitudes.