In view of the 175th anniversary of the first German National Assembly in Frankfurt’s Paulskirche, the Hessian FDP is proposing a special session of the Bundestag there. According to the announcement on Thursday, she is making the anniversary day on May 18 with an application on the subject at the FDP federal party conference, which will take place in Berlin from this Friday to Sunday. The special parliamentary session in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt should take place until March 28, 2024.

The Hessian Liberals also propose a national day of remembrance to commemorate the German Revolution of 1848/49. The anniversary of May 18 is a good time for this. From 2024 onwards, March 28th is also conceivable: On this day in 1849, the first all-German democratic constitution was promulgated in the Paulskirche. Although it never came into effect, it laid the foundation for later German constitutions.

According to a spokeswoman, the Hessian FDP can well imagine a positive response to their initiative at the federal party conference. The Paulskirche in Frankfurt is considered the cradle of German democracy. The 175th anniversary of the first National Assembly is to be celebrated here with a festival from May 18th to 21st.