“Attenchion biloute abloute your dye!” Waze is now able to provide GPS guidance with French accents. To help them find their way, users can choose from Antonin or his Toulouse accent, Mireille la Marseillaise, Biloute le Ch’timi or Antonin. These accents were voted by Internet users during a vote on social media.

“We have the expressions that are typical of these regions […]..” These users have validated and listened to the chosen voices so that they accurately reflect the accents we have chosen,” explains France Bleu Occitanie, general manager of Waze France. Local actors were used to record the Toulouse expressions “Am’en donne”, Boudu, and even “chocolateine”.

This option can be activated by going to the Waze settings (top right window), and clicking on “Voice & Sounds” to choose your French voice. To animate your journeys, you can also choose from voices like “Pop star 90”, “Gym teacher 80”, or “DJ 70”. You can also record your voice using your own accent on Waze.

A version with the South-West singing accent? You can find guidance in Basque (Euskara), on the application.