Greece is currently facing a dangerous heatwave, and many fear that foreign visitors may not fully understand the risks associated with extreme heat. In recent days, there have been multiple search and rescue operations for tourists who have gone missing while hiking on various islands.

One such tragic incident involved popular TV presenter Michael Mosley, who lost his life while on a hike on the island of Symi. Despite extensive search efforts, it took five days to locate his body due to the challenging terrain and scorching temperatures. The heatwave is believed to have been a contributing factor to his death.

Emergency services have also been called to search for other missing hikers, including an elderly Dutch man on Samos and a US national on Amorgos. These incidents highlight the importance of being well-prepared and informed when embarking on outdoor activities in such extreme conditions.

Greece, as a Mediterranean hotspot, is no stranger to high temperatures, with record-breaking heatwaves becoming more common. This year, temperatures have already surpassed previous records, leading to school closures and other precautionary measures. Red Cross volunteers are distributing water, and cooling stations have been set up to help people cope with the extreme heat.

Local officials are calling for better trail maintenance and improved signage to prevent hikers from getting lost. Symi’s mayor emphasized the need for increased safety measures on hiking paths to avoid similar tragedies in the future. Additionally, there are calls for better support for walking clubs in remote areas to ensure that trails are safer for visitors.

As the heatwave continues to pose risks to both locals and tourists, it is crucial for visitors to be aware of the dangers and to take necessary precautions before venturing out in the scorching sun. By staying informed and heeding safety guidelines, travelers can help prevent accidents and enjoy their time in Greece safely.