Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes shared their story of love and loss on a recent episode of their podcast. The former ABC News anchors opened up about the aftermath of their secret relationship being exposed in November 2022. They revealed that most of their former colleagues stopped talking to them after the news broke.

Robach, 51, and Holmes, 46, described the support they initially received from their coworkers upon returning to work after the scandal. However, they noted that this support quickly faded once it became clear that they would not be returning. Holmes mentioned that some of the support they received felt insincere and that many colleagues were simply trying to protect their own jobs.

The couple shared that they felt isolated and ostracized following their firing from ABC in January 2023. They emphasized that they never intended to hurt anyone and that they were not cheating on their respective partners at the time. Despite this, they faced harsh criticism and negative comments from the public.

Robach and Holmes expressed their struggles with guilt and shame in the aftermath of the scandal. They recounted feeling like they were being treated as criminals, despite simply being in love. The couple found solace in the support of friends like Michael Strahan, who reassured them that they had nothing to apologize for.

Following their departure from ABC, Robach and Holmes kept a low profile before launching their podcast in December 2023. They have been candid about their relationship and the challenges they faced in the wake of the controversy. The couple has chosen to focus on moving forward and sharing their story with listeners.

While they have remained silent on the news that their exes, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, are now dating, Robach and Holmes have chosen to prioritize their own healing and growth. They hope that by sharing their experiences, they can help others navigate similar challenges in their own lives.