According to British estimates, the massive Russian rocket attacks have hit Ukraine’s energy infrastructure badly.

“Although a large proportion of the missiles were successfully intercepted, Ukraine is facing a significant drop in the power available from its national network,” the Ministry of Defense said in London. “This will affect civilian access to communications, heating and water supplies,” it said, citing intelligence findings.

The attacks on November 15 were probably the most severe attack in one day to date. Russia fired up to 80 long-range missiles on Tuesday afternoon, mostly against energy infrastructure across the country. The missiles were launched from the air, from the sea and from land.

core part of the Russian war

The destruction of Ukraine’s national infrastructure has become a core component of the Russian war, it said in London. But if Russia continues attacks on this scale, it will have a significant impact on its reserves of conventional cruise missiles.

The British Ministry of Defense has published daily information on the course of the war since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine at the end of February, citing intelligence information. In doing so, the British government wants to both counter the Russian portrayal and keep allies in line. Moscow accuses London of a targeted disinformation campaign.