Nurse, intern, doctor… Belisa Jaoul, the author of the mini-webserie “Mur de blouses”, stages caregivers and episodes from their lives in order to raise awareness about “the degradation of public hospitals”.

Based on hospital staff testimonials, Belisa Jaoul, the director, wrote eight episodes of a mini-series that lasted four minutes and was broadcast on Youtube’s “Mur de blouses”. These “fictitious lyrics” are interpreted by Joshua and Sylvie, Gregoire, Sylvies, Jehanes, Nathalie etienne, as well as all the caregivers at the hospital.

Alois is an internal person. Alois is internal. He says he will get used to it, “it’s going out”, but time flies. “Everything gets worse, and (he) just can’t get used it.” Jehane is a “precarious doctor” but “wants to remain; finally, …”, she’s not sure anymore. Sylvie, a “nurse of 30 years”, recalls the moment her patient died. She couldn’t give him the five minutes he requested because “the reality” of his program,” “of his 12 patients”, and “of his colleague who was not replaced.”

“Citizens need to know the situation of the hospital and must be concerned about its death, to pressure our elected officials,” said Dr. Marion Malphettes, an immuno-pathology section at Saint-Louis hospital. She was the one who initiated the project with Belisa jaoul.

“In a context where there is extreme deterioration in the care of patients in public hospitals, the questions of public policies regarding the hospital are not up for democratic discussion.” In a press release, the association “mur des blouses” describes the multiple obstacles that prevent caregivers from fully understanding what is actually happening.