According to the Bobigny prosecution, fifteen police officers were still under arrest on Monday, May 30, in connection to the chaos that occurred Saturday night around the Stade de France. This was where the final of the prestigious Football Champions League was taking place. 48 police officers were taken into custody in this jurisdiction for Seine-Saint-Denis for trouble on the sidelines to the match that saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool (1-0).

Over the weekend, the majority of them, including a “significant amount” of minors, was released. The prosecution reported that “15 police custody of adult have been extended for public action decisions to take during the day”.

He stated that there had been a lot of complaints against X regarding theft, snatching, and violence, but that no police custody was taken for any facts about trespassing on or for forged match tickets. Gerald Darmanin (Minister of Interior) pointed out that there was a “massive and industrial fraud of counterfeit tickets” at the conclusion of an interministerial meeting about the dysfunctions in the organization surrounding the match.

According to French authorities, this situation contributed to an increase in the number of people who thronged the Stade de France gates. It also caused thrombosis at their entrance, which resulted in interminable lines. Didier Lallement (Paris police chief) announced that he would be taking legal action regarding the issue of counterfeit notes on Sunday evening.

This report led to the opening a probe, which was entrusted at the request of the Paris police headquarters sub-directorate for economic and financial affairs. The investigation reported at the close of the afternoon to the Bobigny prosecution. The Senate should hear the testimony of Gerald Darmanin, Minister of Interior, and Amelie OudeaCastera Minister of Sports during this week.