The New York Independence Day hot dog eating contest has ended evenly for the 16th time in 17 years: Series champion Joey Chestnut won again on Tuesday, devouring 62 boiled sausages and water-soaked buns in ten minutes.

Thousands of spectators cheered the 39-year-old’s performance, beating out contestants who had already won sushi, donuts and boiled egg eating contests. The competition is sponsored by a sausage producer and the manufacturer of a drug for heartburn.

The men’s eating contest had started with a two-hour delay this year due to thunderstorms. At first it looked like the event would be canceled due to the danger for the spectators, but then the organizers reached an agreement with the police. “You can never bet against America,” said a commentator on sports broadcaster ESPN2.

Record is 76 hot dogs

Chestnut has consistently won the competition in front of Coney Island amusement park south of New York since 2016. His own world record is 76 hot dogs – just under eight a minute. Chestnut also made headlines in the US this year as an advertising character for a beverage company that is now selling “Colachup” for hot dogs, a mixture of a cola drink and ketchup.

Miki Sudo had previously been ahead of the women with 39.5 hot dogs counted by the judges. She has won every competition since 2014 with the exception of 2021 – she did not take part when she was pregnant.