A Louisiana man has been charged with killing a woman and driving with her body in a car for a month. The remains of Sheila O. were discovered Monday in her own SUV after family members reported the 72-year-old missing on Aug. 20, the Calcasieu County Sheriff said, according to US media. The relatives had therefore stated that they had not spoken to O. for about a month.

While searching for the missing person, the police discovered the woman’s SUV in the parking lot of a shopping center – and her body inside. As part of the investigation, 41-year-old Christopher C. was identified as “a person of interest” and found at a nearby store. He admitted to police that he killed Sheila O. about a month ago.

According to investigators, C. also admitted to taking out several loans on her behalf after the woman’s death. The alleged perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of murder and suspected unlawful disposal of human remains and identity theft. He is being held without bail at the Calcasieu Correctional Center in Lake Charles, the county seat.

“We’ve seen some strange cases here in Calcasieu Parish, but this case is definitely unusual for us. We’ve never seen anyone drive around with a body in an SUV for 30 days,” the sheriff was quoted as saying by USA Today by Calcasieu, Tony Mancuso. “I pray for Sheila O’s family and friends. This is a senseless and inhumane tragedy,” Manusco said. The victim’s body is currently being examined to determine the cause of death. The sheriff did not go into detail about the relationship between the alleged perpetrator and his victim and only said that C. was an “acquaintance” of the woman.

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