The Civil Guard has arrested two Valencians, aged 43 and 54, as the alleged perpetrators of a robbery in a central pharmacy in Almansa from which they took 450 euros from the cash register.

The events occurred in December 2021. While one of the thieves was guarding the outside of the pharmacy, the other entered taking advantage of the fact that there were no customers and threatening the two employees with a large knife. He had arrived at the pharmacy on an electric scooter and entered it with his face covered by a helmet, a mask and sunglasses.

After seizing the money that was in the box, he quickly fled also on the electric scooter.

A repeat offender in similar acts, on most occasions he used the same modus operandi, that is, he intimidated the employees with a large knife.

Precisely, the characteristics of the scooter allowed the researchers to identify both its identification and that of the person who was driving it. Then they found the person who was doing surveillance work outside. Both thieves fled in a vehicle that they had used to travel from Valencia.

The agents verified that they had established their residence in the province of Valencia and that they were already being investigated by other units of the Civil Guard for their alleged participation in similar robberies committed at gas stations and banks in the provinces of Valencia and Alicante.

Likewise, in the registry of the vehicle used to travel to Almansa, the Civil Guard managed to recover the evidence of the criminal act that was being investigated. Specifically, the helmet and the knife that one of them used to intimidate the pharmacy employees, in addition to the scooter, leaving all these effects at the judicial disposal.

The other robber, who remained on the run for several months, was also arrested in Valencia, as a result of the collaboration between the Organic Units of the Judicial Police of the Comandancias de la Benemérita de Valencia, Alicante and Albacete. Members of the Police Station of the Fifth District of the Local Police of Valencia actively collaborated in the police operation.