Two professional associations of the Armed Forces have appealed the call for internal promotion of soldiers and sailors to the officer scale for maintaining age limits to be able to apply, a requirement that was already annulled by the Supreme Court in the promotion of non-commissioned officers.

AUME and ATME have announced this Thursday their appeals against what they consider “serious discrimination” for the military and sailors and those of complement in the internal promotion to the scales of officers of the General Corps and the Marine Corps.

As you recall, the Supreme Court recently annulled the age limits for the promotion of non-commissioned officers to officers, a resolution that, according to AUME’s complaint, has not been taken into account by Defense when publishing the call for soldiers and sailors.

“The Ministry of Defense has been able to apply the arguments that the TS has provided to eliminate the age limitation for non-commissioned officers in said processes, but, however, incomprehensibly does not apply them to the scales of troops and sailors and complementary military, maintaining limitation by age and thereby creating obvious discrimination,” he denounces.

ATME has also shown its “indignation” for not having eliminated the age limits for troop and sailor candidates, generating “a clear discrimination between scales” and has filed an appeal to declare the selection process null and void.

In addition, he recalls that the troops and sailors already suffer the “discrimination” that implies the end of their commitment to the Armed Forces when they turn 45 years old. “The Ministry of Defense seems to want to make its soldiers and sailors understand, once again, that age is only a limitation and demerit for them,” he laments.