Two men, 33 and 46 years old, natives of Colombia and Chile, have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of seven robberies in homes, a robbery with violence and intimidation, a crime of attacking an agent of the authority, one of serious resistance and another reckless driving.

At the beginning of this year, an increase in thefts from inside homes was detected, specifically in the northern area of ​​the Montes de Toledo region, giving rise to Operation Goizez. The Roca Team of the Mora Civil Guard began an investigation in order to clarify the facts, since most of the robberies were committed with identical methods and in a very specific time slot.

Likewise, the target areas of the criminals were well described by the researchers, focusing on single-family homes in urbanizations or areas with little traffic. The stolen goods included jewelry, mobile phones and other items that could easily be sold second-hand.

While the agents followed the line of investigation, a new robbery took place, this time in the town of Casasbuenas. In this case, the owner of the house surprised the perpetrators and confronted one of them, threatening the former with a large screwdriver.

As a result of the efforts made by the agents, the identity of one of the criminals was obtained, a resident of a town in the Sagra of Toledo and with a multitude of records for similar crimes.

A series of services were then started in order to locate the person in question, being caught red-handed at the time of leaving a home on May 24 in which he had just robbed in the neighborhood of Santa María de Benquerencia, in Toledo capital.

One of the alleged perpetrators was arrested at the time, while the other fled in his vehicle at high speed until he managed to get out onto the A-42 motorway, and then tried to avoid the agents in Olías del Rey.

Finding himself cornered, the alleged perpetrator rammed his car into the agents’ vehicle, slightly injuring one of the civil guards and leaving both cars immobilized. At that time he tried to escape on foot, but was stopped by members of the Roca Team of the Mora Civil Guard.

After the arrests, separate entries and searches were carried out in the homes of the alleged perpetrators, recovering in both homes a multitude of objects of illicit origin such as video game consoles, mobile phones, computer equipment or bags, whose analysis does not rule out the clarification of more crimes.

Likewise, seven crimes of robbery with force in things inside the house and a robbery with violence and intimidation have been clarified. During the exploitation of the operation they also committed a crime of attacking an agent of the authority, another of resistance and serious disobedience and a last one of reckless driving.