During a large-scale traffic check on Autobahn 2, the police found almost 100 violations. The officers filed 47 reports because the drivers were allegedly driving under narcotics, and once there was suspicion of driving under alcohol, the police announced on Friday. Eight reports were filed for driving without a license. There were also proceedings for violating the weapons law and for forging documents.

Officials from various federal states, Switzerland and the Netherlands as well as customs were involved in the A2 check near Magdeburg between Thursday 8 p.m. and Friday 4 a.m. According to the information, they stopped almost 580 vehicles.

It was the third day of inspections in which the road users’ ability to drive was particularly taken into account; similar actions took place on Tuesday in Magdeburg and on Wednesday in Halle. The balance sheet said that a total of 1,569 vehicles were checked. 119 people were found to be unfit to drive and criminal and administrative offense proceedings were initiated against them. Significantly more reports were filed.

The A2 is a particular focus of the police due to the large number of serious traffic accidents. As can be seen from an overview by the Ministry of the Interior of traffic accidents on the motorways in Saxony-Anhalt, by far the most people were injured on the A2 last year. There were 335 people injured in 1,145 accidents, of which 12 people were killed and 71 were seriously injured.