The police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are keeping an eye on potential speeders even after the “Carfriday” day of action at the end of March. As the authorities announced, officials stopped what was apparently a planned vehicle race in an industrial area in Schwerin late on Saturday evening. When they arrived, the emergency services counted more than 60 cars and motorcycles that could be assigned to the tuning scene. The start and finish for the races had already been marked, and onlookers had positioned themselves on the edge of the route. The police issued expulsions and, according to their own statements, prevented the illegal races. Such actions are prohibited because of the risk of serious accidents. Anyone who still takes part risks fines or imprisonment, the statement said.

Immediately before Easter, the police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania took part in the “Carfriday” day of action for the second time. The nationwide focus controls were under the motto “Red for speeders, posers and illegal tuning”. Illegal vehicle races, often with serious consequences, have repeatedly made headlines in recent years. According to the Interior Ministry, the number of banned races identified also rose significantly in the northeast. While the statistics for 2018 show 9 such criminal complaints, last year there were 129.

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