When Peter and the other guy entered the cave, there was this smell. It smelled strange. Sweet. But also disgusting. Corpses from the war, said the other. At that time, this secret tunnel was used as a bunker. The smell didn’t seem to bother him. So continue, after him, into the tunnel, deep into the black.

The other had given him 50 marks. Lot of money. You could always use it. They had just met in Wuppertal, while strolling around. The other was older than him. A large. He could talk well. What he said sounded interesting. He was probably intelligent. They had had something to drink, now there was something to see. There was treasure somewhere back there, if he understood correctly. A treasure! In a secret cave!

Suddenly the other guy told him to take off his clothes. Peter hesitated. The other urged. So Peter took off his jacket. Reluctantly. The other wanted him to go out more. But Peter didn’t want to. Suddenly the other person wasn’t friendly anymore. He became rude. Ripping his shirt off. Then he became brutal. Peter felt the fist hit him in the face. He hit his head against a rock wall. He sank down in a daze.

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