With the abolition of e-scooter rental in Paris at the end of August, the 15,000 scooters should not be scrapped but used in other cities. One of the three operators wants to relocate its scooters to Tel Aviv and possibly Rome, the newspaper “Le Figaro” reported on Thursday. The operators and the city of Paris are trying to preserve the 800 jobs associated with the rental of e-scooters.

The operators are counting on expanding the rental of electric bicycles in Paris. The demand is increasing and the number of bikes has already been increased. Personnel previously involved with scooters will in future take care of wheels.

In a citizen survey at the beginning of April, the residents of Paris came out in favor of a ban on e-scooter rentals by a large majority. However, only 7.46 percent of those entitled to vote took part in the vote. Irrespective of this, Paris considers the outcome of the citizen survey to be binding. From the end of July, the operators want to start withdrawing e-scooters from Paris.