A container with gold and other items worth more than 20 million Canadian dollars (equivalent to around 13.5 million euros) have been stolen by thieves at Toronto’s Perason International Airport.

The container was stolen on Monday after being unloaded from a plane at a cargo facility, Peel Police Department Stephen Duivesteyn said last night (local time), according to media reports. The container contained gold, “but not only gold, but also other items of financial value”.

He did not want to speculate whether organized crime was behind the theft, said Duivesteyn. Arrests have not yet been made. There was also no information about the whereabouts of the gold.

The plane arrived early Monday evening. “As usual, the plane was unloaded and the cargo was moved from the plane to the hold,” Duivesteyn said. The “Toronto Sun” reported, referring to industry experts, that the thief or thieves must have had internal help. The police also did not comment on the final destination of the cargo or the intended recipient of the cargo.