At the Bavarian “Blitzmarathon” the police caught 8690 speed offenders. That was a little less than last year, as the Interior Ministry announced on Saturday. “Far too many endanger themselves and others by driving too fast,” criticized Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU). And this despite the fact that there were days of advance notice for the campaign, which ran from Friday morning to Saturday morning.

The highest speed violation was found near Freising. According to the police, a driver was driving at 155 instead of the permitted 60 kilometers per hour. He now faces a three-month driving ban, a fine of up to 1,400 euros and two points in Flensburg. According to the police, he had cited a gastrointestinal virus as the reason for his speed, which meant he had to go home quickly.

“The sensible take the Blitzmarathon as an opportunity to become aware of the speed limits on their routes again,” said Herrmann. “The unteachable get a tangible reminder.” In the further course of the year, the police will pay more attention to speeding violations. “Anyone who thinks after the Blitzmarathon that they can race again in Bavaria is very wrong.”

According to Herrmann, excessive and inappropriate speed was the cause of more than a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents in Bavaria in 2022. The number of people killed rose to 147.

Around 2,000 police officers and municipal traffic controllers were deployed at the tenth Bavarian Blitzmarathon. They measured the speed at 1800 measuring points.