Tony Evans Announces Departure from Leadership Role at Dallas Megachurch

Tony Evans, the renowned leader of a Dallas megachurch and acclaimed author, has revealed his decision to step back from his ministerial duties due to past “sinful” behavior.
In a statement released to his congregation at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Evans emphasized the importance of adhering to the Word of God as the ultimate standard of truth. He acknowledged falling short of this standard in the past and expressed his commitment to repentance and spiritual restoration.
While not disclosing the specifics of his transgressions, Evans clarified that they were not criminal in nature. He emphasized the need for accountability and stated that he would be undergoing a healing and restoration process as directed by the church elders.
Having led the congregation for over four decades and founded The Urban Alternative ministry, Evans is a prominent figure in the Christian community. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Tony Evans, reaches audiences worldwide through various radio outlets.
Following his announcement, Pastor Bobby Gibson and the church elders will oversee the interim leadership responsibilities. Evans expressed gratitude for the support of his family and church elders during this challenging period.
Despite facing personal struggles, Evans has been a vocal advocate for accountability within the Christian community. In a recent interview, he highlighted the importance of accepting correction and accountability, citing an incident involving gospel musician Kirk Franklin.
As he embarks on a journey of spiritual recovery and healing, Evans has called for the congregation’s continued support and prayers. He reassured his followers of his unwavering commitment to faith and expressed gratitude for their love and understanding during this trying time.