The high temperatures that we have had these days ago have invited us to take a dip in the municipal swimming pools of Toledo, which has just overcome the first heat wave of this year. Despite the fact that these facilities remain closed to the public until June 1, there are those who decide to jump the perimeter wall, committing an infraction and putting their lives at risk.

To avoid this widespread practice when the summer season arrives, the local Police is carrying out a special surveillance campaign in municipal swimming pools. As a result of this control, the agents located a group of minors who had jumped the wall of the Polígono pool and were taking a bath with the enclosure closed.

After noticing the presence of the police, the young people ran away, but the police identified one of the minors, an 8-year-old girl who was running away with wet clothes.

A scene that unfortunately is often repeated, according to local agents, who surprised another group of kids a few days ago who had also jumped into the pool at the Polígono.