The date to begin work on one of the ‘star’ actions of the Talavera Accessibility Plan is getting closer and closer, with which priority will be given to pedestrians to improve accessibility through a single platform in Plaza Padre Juan de Mariana.

The Councilor for Urban Planning and Accessibility, José Antonio Carrillo, has advanced this Wednesday the details of the comprehensive reform, which has already received all the administrative congratulations.

It has an investment of close to 400,000 euros from European Edusi funds and an execution period of two months from its tender scheduled for this summer. “A pioneering project that is going to be a benchmark for the rest of the actions in the historic complex”, according to José Antonio Carrillo, who highlighted that it is a “very plural” action; it is urban planning, it is about mobility, it is environmental and it is patrimonial».

In fact, he stressed that it affects both accessibility and mobility for the benefit of pedestrians and thereby eliminating one of the roads attached to the Talavera City Hall building. This will mean that the square itself will be extended, reaching the access stairs.

The road that will be maintained is the one next to the catering establishments in the square, where the sidewalk will also be incorporated in the houses in front of the Town Hall that currently lack it.

In this regard, he clarified, with the implementation of the single platform throughout the square, the objective of a Low Emissions Zone will be met, as established by European regulations. It will guarantee, according to the councilor, that people with mobility problems “can move from one space in the square to another without obstacles and, above all, making the pedestrian the protagonist in front of the vehicle.”

This modification also allows the transit of vehicles, within the circuit of the square, from Palenque street to Don Benito street. And reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities are contemplated, as well as the renovation of the canopy of the bus stop, and signage for taxis and another special one for cognitive accessibility.

On the other hand, in addition to respecting the garden area of ​​the square and the statue of Father Juan de Mariana, the existing ceramic elements in the furniture, such as those located on the benches, will be recovered.

To this is added the recovery of the trees and the incorporation of ten new trees in the road that will be preserved together with the hotel establishments with large flowerpots with the new vegetation. Specifically, according to the mayor, suitable tree species have been chosen for conservation in this area and less water consumption, as is the case with strawberry trees, orange trees, holm oaks and hackberry trees.

In the more technical framework, it has been reported that the municipal services have recommended the renovation of the supply network that goes under the square, since the current material is quite deteriorated, as well as the use of granite stone in the paving that be harmonious with the historical ensemble.