Tourism, with 26%, is the field in which most of the Internet user searches related to Alicante made during the last year are focused. They are followed by shops and businesses (14% and 9% respectively), general information (8%), hotels (6%), and housing (5%). Furthermore, about 4% of all these searches were conducted in the English language.

This is demonstrated by the in-depth study carried out by Webpositer, an internet positioning agency from Alicante, published on the occasion of Internet Day, which is celebrated today. Prepared by its experienced team of SEO analysts, the research has taken the last calendar year as a sample, using professional digital marketing tools.

Within the leading category in the province – tourism -, searches are divided into different interests such as beaches, gastronomy, restaurants, information of general interest about Alicante, rural tourism, campsites, activities to enjoy Alicante, flights and means of transport .

«Searches reflect a real interest in the world of restoration, both with specific queries for restaurants of gastronomic typologies (Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Argentine, etc.), as well as restaurants with specific locations or characteristics such as in the center, with a Michelin star, with a terrace or on the beach”, explains Luis M. Villanueva, CEO of Webpositer Agency.

In addition to the specific names of restaurants, the interest of users in discovering the best beaches and coves in Alicante is perceived, specifying aspects by which they are characterized or their location: beautiful, maps, exclusive for dogs, in the city and in the province , nudists or hidden.

Queries related to general information about Alicante other than tourism represent 8% of searches. Of all the search trends collected from May 2021 to May 2022, four are based on accessing basic information on Alicante, among which the weather is the queen, followed by the work calendar.

Users distribute queries according to the following interests: time in Alicante (45% monthly searches); official organizations (Alicante City Council, Alicante Provincial Council, Treasury, SUMA, etc., with 22% of monthly searches); Alicante General Hospital (12%); Appointment DNI Alicante (9%); Alicante Immigration Office (7%) and DGT Alicante (4%).

The repeated presence of queries related to contact services with terms such as “Alicante whores” (14,800 monthly searches), “Alicante transvestites” (9,900 searches) or “Alicante erotic massages” (4,400 searches) stands out. Apart from this activity, the most sought-after businesses in Alicante are scrap yards, real estate and SPA, with approximately 4,400 searches per month.

Among the most sought-after medical professionals in Alicante, psychologists stand out, followed by dentists and dermatologists. In addition, searches for pharmacies are frequent, focusing on the proximity of the establishment and its opening 24 hours.

Finally, the interest in knowing the progress of the pandemic in the province and the search for coronavirus detection tests are also reflected in queries such as “Alicante accumulated incidence” (2,900 monthly searches); «PCR Alicante» (1,900); “COVID Alicante restrictions” (1,900) or “COVID Alicante passport” (1,000).

The complete study can be found at the following link: