Tires are a key element to guarantee the safety of our road trips. Therefore, it is essential to change the wheels from time to time to avoid more than one mishap. Now, many drivers have doubts about which brand guarantees greater durability for their wheels. To shed some light on the matter, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) prepares an annual report on this type of product, as well as its wear.

This is a survey carried out by the OCU to 52,000 drivers from five European countries on the satisfaction and reliability of their cars. In the study, the most revealing conclusions are reached. Like the fact that 96% of the participants state that they use summer tires throughout the year.

And when do drivers change wheels? According to 71% of Spanish users, they do so when the rubber on the tires is already used. In this sense, it is recommended to change them after more than 44,600 kilometers of use. Likewise, only 18% buy new ones without waiting for them to be worn out, as a preventive measure. The rest does it when it suffers a blowout, an accident or after detecting a defect in them.

When it comes to replacing tires, only 1% of those surveyed opt for second-hand or reconditioned ones. The rest trust their workshop when choosing the best brands to change the wheels. Although we trust your good judgment, it is interesting to know which are the wheels that last the longest without degrading.

In this sense, the OCU report includes a ranking that reveals which are the most reliable in this regard. According to this list, the most durable tires would be those of the Yokohama brand with 44,634 kilometers before wear, followed by Michelin, with 44,634. Already, further away, would be the Vredestein, with 42,973, and the Toyo, with 42,406. On the opposite side of the table, only the Mabor wheels do not reach 30,000 kilometers as can be seen in the following list.