The Casa del Rey has released this Friday, at around 6:10 p.m. and through its website, the economic information for the 2021 financial year, in which the Head of State received a Budget of 8.43 million euros from the State’s general budgets.

This is the first rendering of accounts under Royal Decree 434/1988, of May 6, on the restructuring of the House of His Majesty the King, approved by the Council of Ministers. “This amount has meant an increase of 544,000 in relation to the figure approved in 2020, which amounted to 7,887,150 euros and which had been unchanged since 2018,” explains the Intervention Report. However, the execution of the Budget of the King’s House, which amounted to 8,431,150 euros, has not been executed as a whole. Expenditure has been 89.45 percent, leaving the remaining 10.55 percent to be executed, that is, an available budget of 889,317 euros.

It must be remembered that on April 25, Felipe VI made his personal assets public as another transparency measure: 2.57 million euros distributed in deposits and in objects of art, antiques and personal jewelry.

Among the documents released is the report of the audit carried out by the General Intervention of the State, which endorses the accounts of the Head of State.

Within its pages, the allowances received by members of the Royal Family are reported: in 2021 they decreased by about 7.6% in relation to the final credit of the previous year. These are the same amounts that Don Felipe, Doña Letizia and Doña Sofía received in the previous year.

This variation is a direct consequence of Felipe VI’s decision to completely remove his father’s assignment. Thus, in 2021 Juan Carlos I did not receive a single euro, compared to the 42,033.23 received in 2020 between the period January 1 and March 15.

The remuneration of the Royal Family was as follows:

– The King: 253,843.20 euros.

– The Queen: 139,605.60 euros.

– Doña Sofía: 114,231.24 euros.

The Casa del Rey has voluntarily submitted since 2015 to the audit report of the General State Intervention.