Some 200 people, including relatives, neighbors, friends and municipal staff, have gathered this Sunday in the Plaza Mayor of the Valladolid town of Traspinedo to remember Esther López, ask for justice and show “all the support of the people”, in one day in which five months have passed since his disappearance on January 12 and has served as a loudspeaker for the “vent” of his closest friends after he appeared lifeless but without knowing if there are those responsible for his death.

The mayor, Javier Fernández, explained to Europa Press that some relatives of the young woman, such as her cousin Sara or her father Miguel, have dedicated a few words of affection and have thanked the shows of support received from the neighbors.

However, Sara, who has been very active on social networks with publications in tribute to her cousin, has asked during the concentration that the search for evidence must be influenced to “incriminate the main suspect, so that he is can attribute the responsibility derived from the crime and that everything is not forgotten.

Regarding the case, the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, stressed this Sunday that “the investigation continues” into the circumstances surrounding the death of the neighbor of the Valladolid town and that, although there is a part of the investigation “of which he cannot speak”, since it is under summary secrecy, he is confident that the facts “will be clarified”.