The PP has demanded that the Advocacy of the Generalitat Valenciana be prosecuted in the case of the alleged subsidy fraud investigated by the Court of Instruction number 4 of Valencia and in which the brother of the regional president, Ximo Puig, is imputed, as well as the businessman Juan Enrique Adell Bover and the general director of Linguistic Policy, Rubén Trenzano.

The popular deputy in the Valencian Courts, Eva Ortiz, asked the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, “when is she going to give the order” for this to happen this Thursday and has pointed out that it is important that the Generalitat’s Lawyers “defend criminally and civilly the public money that both the President’s brother and Adell Bover admitted in court, both on Monday and Wednesday, that they entered and invoiced irregularly with duplicate, false invoices and that they presented documents of gasoline expense and of a private home.

Ortiz recalled that, according to the Civil Guard, the sum of the subsidies granted by the Valencian, Catalan and Aragonese governments, between 2015 and 2018, exceeds 1.2 million euros, while at the same time ensuring that “it is being produced and there has been a loss of public money, without the Valencian government doing absolutely nothing to avoid it».

On the other hand, the popular deputy has wondered “why the partner of Puig’s brother has been asked for seven refunds and Puig’s brother has not been asked to refund any amount. I don’t want to think that the Puig surname weighs too much in this matter.”

In addition, he recalled that “Canal Maestrat, the production company of the president’s brother’s partners, has entered into bankruptcy proceedings” and has stressed that “with this formula these companies will never return the money received fraudulently.”

For her part, the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, has disgraced Eva Ortiz for her “deliberate ignorance” regarding the legal system, since “the Administration cannot appear in person in the procedure because despite the more than 388 pages of report of the Civil Guard there are more than reasonable doubts about the commission of the crime of fraud in subsidies, since the type requires that the amount irregularly obtained exceed 120,000 euros, a fact that the Civil Guard has not been able to conclude after two years and so long report”.

“What we do know is that all the controls carried out by the Administration on Francis Puig’s companies have come out unscathed and that is why there has been no claim,” he reproached. Likewise, it has indicated that, for this reason, “the Public Prosecutor has requested the report from the Intervention of the Generalitat of the Valencian Community and of Catalonia, because if that premise is not given, there is no fraud and therefore there is no damage to compensate. in criminal proceedings”.

After the session, Eva Ortiz has announced that she is going to file a complaint with the court because she considers that Bravo has had access to the summary, which is under secrecy.

According to the deputy, it is “evident” after Bravo’s statements that “he has had access to the report issued by the Economic Crimes Unit of the Civil Guard in the exercise of the functions of the Judicial Police, mandated by this Court and within the this instruction.

«This report, like all the documents in the proceedings, is protected by the secrecy of the investigation against all those who are not a party. We want to know who has given you access to that document,” Ortiz concluded.