The PP has denounced the fact that a hotel remains open in the area of ​​Puerto de Valencia avenue that “is used as a whorehouse and where prostitution is practiced” despite having “four unfavorable reports on its opening”, three of them from the works inspection and one from the Health inspection.

In addition, the ‘popular’ warn that the place “is next to a school where hundreds of schoolchildren attend daily.” In fact, the PP denounced the situation after the alert of the parents of a school next to this hotel that is advertised through the internet, as indicated by the formation in a statement.

The PP requested the opening of the file and closing of the activity about half a year ago.

However, he has regretted that he has not received a response from the local Executive, that, “despite approving motions against prostitution in the last plenary session, their reality is very different because they do little or nothing to end this scourge of exploitation of women ».

“Not even the current municipal ordinance, approved by a PP government in 2013, is still not applied. In a year in the Local Police of Valencia only two complaints have been filed for application of the ordinance, but in both cases the woman who practiced prostitution, who is a victim, has been sanctioned, but her clients have not been sanctioned », criticized the PP spokeswoman, María José Catalá.

In this line, the PP does not understand “the effort to open a debate in plenary session on prostitution and announce a new ordinance when the current one does foresee sanctions for clients and nothing has been done.”

«Half a year ago we filed a complaint with the PP to request the closure of a hotel that is used as a whorehouse and nothing has been done either. The place is still open despite four reports unfavorable to its opening », he insisted.