Numerous pilgrims have gathered this Monday around the hermitage of Alarcos to attend the solemn religious function and the procession of its virgin, in which the Choir and the rondalla of the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Cabeza have participated, an act that It was attended by the mayor of Ciudad Real, Eva María Masías; the regional government delegate, Carmen Teresa Olmedo; and the provincial deputy, Dionisio Vicente González, as well as a large number of faithful.

The mayor of Ciudad Real. Eva María Masías, has stated upon her arrival at the hill that the city council will continue to support this pilgrimage so identity of the city, because from the municipal institution “we promote our popular traditions, because they are the legacy that our elders leave us”.

“It has been the pilgrimage of reunion, of emotion, of the popular faith that we transmit from parents to children and that we have been able to recover in 2022,” he explained, taking advantage of this moment to invite everyone “to the next big party, the Pandorga , on July 31, which is a festival declared of regional tourist interest» and which aspires to have the category of national interest.

On the other hand, the president of the Brotherhood of Alarcos, Antonio Batista, has announced that, after 22 years, he will delegate his functions to Vice President Frasi López, until the elections are held in two years.

As a culmination of the celebration, the Brotherhood’s Big Brother has been changed, which has fallen to Chon Segura, who succeeds Juan Alba, the city council has informed in a statement.

A very special day, in which the Association of Dulcineas and Ladies of La Mancha celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, and which has ended with a tour of the municipal corporation through the different tents installed by the different associations to taste a drink of zurra, lemon, food and typical sweets.