The Association des gens d’affaires du Vieux-Port hopes that the presentation of the Imagine Monet exhibition at the Pier 30 terminal at the Port of Quebec, as well as the return of shows to the Agora, will attract 150,000 visitors to the neighborhood during the coming summer.

“These are perfect events for reviving tourism in the sector,” said AGAVP director Richard Samson.

Promoters of the Agora relaunch will reveal the shows they want to perform on the outdoor stage next week. We put forward the figure of a hundred thousand people expected for all the events.

As for Imagine Monet, relying on attendance data for the Imagine Van Gogh and Imagine Picasso exhibitions, in 2020 and 2021, at the Convention Center, we expect to attract at least 50,000 people.

” What a dream “

Built in 2020 to become a plan B for the port in the event of excessive traffic, the new cruise terminal at Pier 30 has since been used only for screening and vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the Convention Center became unavailable for Imagine Monet, Richard Samson suggested producers Guy Laforce and Paul Dupont-Hébert take a look. They were seduced by the site, in particular by the vast hangar where they can hang the 9 x 18 meter canvases on which more than 200 works by Claude Monet will be projected in giant format.

“Such high ceilings and such clearance, it makes you dream. It’s a perfect playground for us, ”said Guy Laforce, during a press visit to the premises on Tuesday morning.

Back every year?

The site is currently undeveloped. Installation will begin on May 30. Boats are still parked in the hangar, but it is promised that everything will be ready for the opening of the exhibition, which runs from June 10 until Labor Day.

Imagine Monet will however have to take a break, from August 3 to 7, because the terminal will be required for the passage of a cruise ship.

Nevertheless, given that the boats dock mainly during the fall in normal times, the artisans of the Imagine series would very well see themselves settling there permanently, especially since access and parking spaces are not not an issue in this sector of the city.

“We could come back every year,” suggested Paul Dupont-Hébert.