The ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, will definitively get rid of being sanctioned for publicly commenting on the secret appearance of the former director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, before the Commission for the control of reserved expenses. The Table of Congress will re-evaluate tomorrow the possibility of sanction, at the request of Citizens, and the report prepared by the lawyers of the Chamber proposes not to sanction the Republican, as ABC has learned.

In its analysis, the legal services of Congress conclude that “it is not appropriate to access” the punishment that Ciudadanos demands “since the assumption of fact that would justify” the sanction does not concur in a reliable manner. In this way, the lawyers propose to the Table that it reiterate its agreement from last May, when PSOE and United We Can imposed their majority and decided that it was not even possible to study the case.

This report, and the examination of the Congress Table tomorrow, are produced after the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office agreed last week to file the complaint filed by the orange formation alleging a crime of disclosure of reserved information.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that the investigation of the facts could take place in the administrative sphere, that is, in Congress. “The indiscretion of the denounced deputy can be related, at most, to the administrative sphere,” he said, alluding to the competence of the Board to carry out these investigations. The position of the lawyers is to close that door definitively, as PSOE and United We Can have been defending from the first moment.