The head of the Court of Instruction number 47 of Madrid, Adolfo Carretero, has set a date for the summons of Matilde García Duarte, general coordinator of the Mayor’s Office of Madrid and right-hand man of the alderman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to explain how that the information reached him that the commission agents Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño offered medical supplies to the Consistory in the first phase of the pandemic.

García Duarte is summoned on June 3, according to a ruling dated this Thursday to which ABC had access, once the Madrid City Council has provided all the documentation on the first contacts of the commission agents that the instructor had required.

In fact, the same providence refuses to postpone the summons as a witness of the consistory official who led the dialogue, Elena Collado, as requested by Más Madrid, having not received those documents from the City Council.

She is scheduled for this Friday, May 27.

The judge states that in addition to the fact that they have already been provided, “it was not necessary to know its content” to listen to Collado, “because in her own statement it will be possible to know who contacted her and how the negotiations went, being a witness requested by the Prosecutor’s Office in its complaint from the beginning of it “.