The Union of Education Workers of Castilla La Mancha (STE-CLM) has condemned and shown its consternation after the aggression of the parents of a student of the IES Vicente Cano de Argamasilla de Alba to four professionals of the center, among them the director of it.

This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources from this union, who have explained that the events occurred this past Tuesday, when the parents approached the center “to claim something, with very bad manners and insults.”

From STE they have condemned the chaos that occurred after this incident, which forced the interruption of activity in the center. In the early hours of this Wednesday, a concentration of rejection was held in the center, which was attended by teachers from other centers, many fathers and mothers and even institutional representation.

This union organization is going to pay legal attention to those attacked in the trial, which starts this Wednesday in the courts of Tomelloso.

The victims’ lawyers, as explained by the STE, are going to request a restraining order for the aggressors for an alleged hate crime, since they came to utter homophobic insults against one of the attacked people.

In a press release, this union has shown its rejection of “the brutal aggression” to which several teachers of this center have been subjected, regretting that “unfortunately” these events have been repeated with some frequency in many educational centers in Castilla -The Stain.

“The blows, shouts, insults, fear and tension have today put an end to the teaching activity of a place where our future generations are trained and educated, something that our society cannot afford,” they warned.

«These events set off the alarms of our educational system, since a vital part of the school community, such as the teaching staff, is being the victim in recent times of all kinds of verbal abuse and physical aggression that diminish personally and professionally those who they suffer and feel powerless to stop them.

«If the figure of the teacher is considered a public authority by law, many have not found out and try to scare them, annoy them, pressure them and scare them to defend their sons and daughters from them. We are not doing something right and we have to review this in the part that concerns us, “they have denounced.

From STE they consider that it is not enough to stand by the teachers of a center where there has been an attack, but that it is necessary to take “courageous and effective measures, to influence work on values, to support them with up-to-date legal measures in the field of coexistence, of strengthening the Unit of Attention to Teachers of the Ministry, of putting teachers in value before society and of transmitting the important role they play in it».

The Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) has shown its condemnation of the aggression suffered by several teachers of the IES ‘Vicente Cano’ in Argamasilla de Alba by the parents of a student, while calling for a campaign to put an end to to violence in the classroom.

In a press release, this union has explained that, according to the testimonies provided from the center itself, an excursion was carried out on Monday and a teacher reprimanded the student, which caused the subsequent aggression.

The head of the Education Sector of CSIF Ciudad Real, Rocío Romero, has stressed the need to put an end to this type of situation in all educational centers. «The authority of teachers is being lost and the consequences are threats from students and also from families, lack of respect and situations of defenselessness. Teachers transfer their frustration and fear to us », she has warned.

After assuring that the pandemic has further deteriorated the climate of coexistence in the centers, he has defended that beyond the violent episodes of a physical nature, “low-intensity aggressions are suffered daily that have a terribly negative impact on the classrooms and the teachers’ work.

For this reason, CSIF has demanded the creation of an institutional campaign to put an end to situations of violence in educational centers and to highlight the dignity of teaching work, as well as the development of the Teacher Authority Law.